empowered patients webinar

On June 19th, HealthWorks Collective will host a free webinar on Helping Physicians Empower Their Patients.  Register Here!

This topic is a hot one and a controversial one.  Since the beginning of mHealth and digital health apps, there have been thousands of studies, programs, companies and professionals dedicated to trying to motivate people through electronic devices.  From robots to fitness armbands to simple SMS texting, the world has been trying to find out what works the best, or what works at all.

The RAND study was just recently published (after it was pulled from circulation for a day) and debunked the theory that corporate wellness programs work at all.  Corporate wellness programs are usually based on motivating employees to adopt healthy lifestyle behavior through a system of "carrot and stick" motivation based on monetary rewards or penalties.  Devices such as pedometers or Fitbit-like devices are often used to monitor and track behavior.  We published a great discussion of the RAND study by Dan Munro and there are numerous other posts out there arguing the pros and cons of corporate wellness and self-tracking.

I have asked one of the panelists on our webinar, Kathleen Starr, PhD and expert in behavioral insights and strategy to join me here today to talk briefly about the topic of monitoring for healthy behavior.  Kathleen is Senior VP at Patient Marketing Group, an InventivHealth company.

 Kathleen has over 15 years of experience in the life science industry translating behavioral insight into commercial strategy.   She is passionate about improving the patient experience and leveraging the psychology of behavior to create patient-centered solutions in healthcare.

Watch the video and then join us for the webinar next week.