Yesterday, we announced a partnership with UBMD Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine to collaborate on the development of a new three-dimensional medical imaging system for capturing orthopaedic images of patient extremities.

The orthopaedic medicine market is one that is poised for intense growth over the next 10 years, with inpatient orthopaedic volume expected to grow 15%, and 28% for outpatient orthopaedics, according to the Advisory Board. The organization also highlighted that between 2002-2011, knee replacements, hip replacements, and spinal fusions grew by 88%, 34%, and 67%, respectively. With these growth numbers, we can expect orthopaedic medicine to be an immensely important need in the years to come.

The infographic below illustrates some of the major musculoskeletal disorder trends in the U.S. You can see in the statistics that orthopaedic medicine is a necessity to provide high-quality patient care. For example, with 10.4 million knee injuries happening annually, and U.S. employees missing 440 million days of work due to bone and joint injuries, improvements in diagnosis and treatment cannot come soon enough.