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Medical Education

Lack of Listening Is the Core Problem in American Health Care

April 17, 2014 by Stephen Schimpff

social listening

When doctors do not have enough time to really listen the result is that they do not listen. A study from 1984 of primary care physicians observed throughout patient visits revealed that the doctor interrupted the patient within 18 seconds on average. This lack of listening is the core care problem in American healthcare today.[read more]

Why Is There a Critical Shortage of Primary Care Physicians?

April 8, 2014 by Stephen Schimpff

primary care physicians

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are becoming extinct. It’s true. Not many medical students choose primary care as their career path. Older PCPs are retiring early. Many others are closing their practices or seeking employment at the local hospital. And there has always been a shortage of primary care physicians in rural and urban poor areas.[read more]


How Patients Can Receive Financial Assistance For Medication

April 1, 2014 by Joan Justice

cost of drugs / shutterstock

Patients are struggling. Costs are exorbitant for some cancer drugs. Many patients bankrupt themselves trying to pay, and many just go without. Some insurance companies pay for these medications, but many only pay for a percentage of the total. For some patients, the co-pays and deductibles are extremely high. However, there is help.[read more]

9 Inspiring Quotes for Nurse Leaders from AONE 2014

March 26, 2014 by James Dias

quotes for nurse leaders

The theme of this year’s American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) annual conference was “Inspiring Leadership.” Inspirational keynote speakers seemed to drive the message home for the CNOs and nurse managers in attendance. Here are some of the quotes that were heard repeated through the conference halls.[read more]


One-on-One Cancer Support Empowers Patients

March 10, 2014 by Joan Justice

Jonny Imerman of Imermans Angels

“I've been there. I beat it. And so will you," says Jonny Imerman, cancer survivor and founder of Imerman Angels, a cancer support group that matches cancer survivors to cancer patients on a one-to-one basis. Started in 2006, Imerman Angels now has a roster of over 6,000 cancer survivor mentors and caregivers.[read more]

Smooth Transition: Reducing Senior Readmissions to Hospitals

March 1, 2014 by Jody Guerrieri

hospital readmissions

Lack of proper after care from a recent bout of illness is one of the chief causes to blame for senior readmissions to hospitals. To prevent that, seniors need someone dedicated enough to take regular care of them, not only during discharge, but also at home and through the recovery process, which could last weeks at a stretch.[read more]


How to Educate and Empower Patients: Thoughts From an Expert

February 26, 2014 by Joan Justice

Louise Villejo, MD Anderson Cancer Center

There are specific patient education departments in most major medical centers. What role do they play and how have they evolved over the years? I spoke with Louise Villejo, Executive Director at the Patient Education Office at the MD Anderson Cancer Center to get her thoughts on the topic.[read more]

Collaboration: Emerging From Below

February 21, 2014 by Jeff Cohn

(patient-doctor collaboration / shutterstock)

The January issue of Health Affairs focuses on the benefits of "communication-and-resolution programs” (CRPs), designed to facilitate the communication between healthcare providers and patients and families following unforeseen outcomes, including errors.[read more]

The Role of a Certified Nurse-Midwife [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 12, 2014 by Frankie Rendon

certified nurse-midwife (image source)

Certified nurse-midwives are licensed healthcare practitioners educated in the two disciplines of nursing and midwifery and are certified by the American Midwifery Certification Board. Although unknown to some, certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) play an essential role in women's health.[read more]


Twitter Recognizes Boehringer Ingelheim as a Pioneer

February 10, 2014 by Paul Tunnah


It is great to see the first business case study from the pharmaceutical industry appear on the website, featuring the work that social media pioneer Boehringer Ingelheim has been doing in using the social media channel to connect with other healthcare stakeholders.[read more]

Promising Nursing Careers Beyond the Bedside

February 6, 2014 by Frankie Rendon

a career in nursing / shutterstock

Bedside patient care is still the core of the nursing profession, and always will be. But the plentiful opportunities that come with a nursing degree are as unique as you are. The degree simply adds another layer of understanding to everything you already know.[read more]

Preclinical Research: An Important Aspect of Drug Development

February 5, 2014 by Yana g

preclinical research / shutterstock

Developing new medicines and making them available for patients is an international endeavor. Thus with the massive research and development efforts, the process of drug discovery has inevitably become subdivided into several functional divisions.[read more]