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Global Healthcare

The Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery Products Global Market

April 16, 2014 by Patrick Driscoll

Aeshetics & reconstructive surgery products

Global medical aesthetic products are to achieve sales of more than $6.5 billion in 2013. Through 2018 the market is expected to reach a value of about $10.7 billion. Europe has been witnessing relatively a slower growth of 6.6% per year. The U.S. market still represents 45% of the global market.[read more]

A New Era for the Public Healthcare Sector

April 15, 2014 by Siemens Healthcare

Gustavo Pulti, Mayor of General Pueyrredón Municipality

Beaches, fishing, and sweet pastries filled with dulce de leche were the hallmarks of Mar del Plata in the past. But now, the city – located on the Atlantic coast, about 400 kilometers south of the Argentine megacity of Buenos Aires – has a new trademark: the Centro de Especialidades Médicas Ambulatorias (CEMA).[read more]


BioPharma Beat: 7 Drivers of Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare

April 2, 2014 by David Davidovic

There are many things companies can do to facilitate disruptive discovery, design, development and marketing of new products and services; however, not much is said about market readiness as a success factor for these disruptions. Here are 7 ways to make it very attractive to introduce change and innovation.[read more]


HIMSS14: Bullish on Growth in the International Healthcare IT Market

February 28, 2014 by Steve Goldstein

Ursula Sieberg of International Health Services

Unlike many other healthcare annual confabs, HIMSS14 seems dominated by the North American market. But what about the international thirst for healthcare IT? To find out, I went to the Siemens booth and sought out Senior Vice President Hartmut Schaper and Vice President Ursula Sieberg of International Health Services.[read more]

Pioneering Healthcare in Brazil

February 26, 2014 by Siemens Healthcare

DASA: diagnostics in Brazil

Medical Solutions Magazine recently sat down with Dr. Romeu Domingues, Chairman of DASA, the largest diagnostics company in Brazil. Created through the fusion of some of the most traditional Brazilian laboratories and imaging providers, DASA performs over 200 million exams every year.[read more]

Global Study Finds Majority Believe Traditional Hospitals Will Be Obsolete in the Near Future

February 20, 2014 by Nicole Fisher

Traditional hospitals / shutterstock

A global study was released at the new year by the Intel Corporation indicating that around the world people’s health care wants and needs are principally focused on technology and personalization. The “Intel Health Innovation Barometer” found a consistent theme: customized care.[read more]

The Impact of US Healthcare Spending [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 19, 2014 by Nicola Ziady

The American healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. It costs on average $8,000 per person to receive clinical care. What can we learn from our European colleagues, who provide less expensive care, while still retaining our high quality and patient-centric care?[read more]

Potential Malaria Detection, Drug Sensitivity Handheld Testing Device on Indiegogo

February 17, 2014 by Deanna Pogorelc

(Image credit:QuantuMDx)

A “handheld laboratory” designed to diagnose malaria in under 15 minutes could be in the hands of healthcare workers overseas within two years if QuantuMDx can meet the ambitious goals it’s set for itself. The medical device company has turned to Indiegogo in search of $50,000 for field trials of its miniaturized DNA sequencing device.[read more]

CVS Kicks the Habit, with Implications for Consumer-Centered Healthcare

February 12, 2014 by Patti Doherty, R.N.

CVS kicks the tobacco habit

CVS Pharmacy’s recent announcement that it will cease selling tobacco products in all its stores by October 1 made headlines nationwide. The decision underscores the growing power of the consumer in healthcare, while raising questions about the sale of other products that have an impact on public health.[read more]

Consumer Survey: The Virtual Waiting Room

January 29, 2014 by Christina Thielst

patient engagement (Accenture)

Accenture conducted a consumer survey on patient engagement and created an infographic that highlights the interesting results. The survey assessed public attitudes toward their medical providers' electronic capabilities, as well as the capabilities of their current providers.[read more]

An Indian Hospital on the Fast Track

January 28, 2014 by Siemens Healthcare

PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals is a medical college and hospital in Coimbatore, India. When Dr. Kamal K. Sen started working at PSG in 2009, he decided to make a few changes. His first step was to switch from analog to digital radiography (DR). Watch this short film to learn more.[read more]

Positive Client Survey Results for a Russian Maternal mHealth Program

January 23, 2014 by Sara Buzadzhi

maternal mHealth / shutterstock

The Health and Development Foundation, a Russian NGO, recently carried out a national survey among participants of its maternal and child mHealth program, SMSmame. This program provides new and expectant mothers with free text messages to their mobile phones with information on caring for their own health and the health of their children.[read more]