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Medical Records

Why Clinicians Are Frustrated with Health IT

February 19, 2015 by Bill Crounse

I had to chuckle when I came across a blog post on KevinMD this morning. The post that appears on what is described as social media’s leading physician voice doesn’t mince words. In the post, Dr. Edwin Leap does an excellent job explaining why so many physicians are totally frustrated by health IT.[read more]

We'll Have to Get to Know Patients Better

February 18, 2015 by Tim Kilpatrick

Getting to know you

The healthcare system designed to treat conditions and provide patient services in the United States is not delivering the desired outcomes. In a recent study of healthcare in 11 countries by The Commonwealth Fund, the United States was ranked the highest in cost.[read more]

Lessons from the Anthem Breach

February 12, 2015 by David Harlow

Anthem experienced a major data breach last week, and reportedly some records (Social Security Numbers and other identifying information, but not health data) of up to 80 million members and employees were obtained by hackers. My reaction: Why in the world are we using social security numbers as ID numbers?[read more]

When Buying an EHR, Don’t Get Sucker-Punched by Delusional Thinking

February 11, 2015 by Bill Crounse


If I had convinced my board to spend hundreds of millions or billions of dollars on a new EHR solution, I might want to believe it was going to transform things in a big way. However, as I’ve stated so many times before here on HealthBlog, that is delusional thinking. The EHR all by itself will transform very little.[read more]

Healthcare IT: Will 2015 Be the Year of Data Breaches?

February 5, 2015 by Abby Norman

Health data security

A month into 2015 and it’s already become apparent that it’s going to be a big year for healthcare IT. In the aftermath of the Ebola Outbreak — which made several touchdowns on U.S. soil— there has been an intense focus on how electronic medical records can prevent similar events from happening in the future.[read more]

Privacy and Security and the Internet of Things

February 4, 2015 by David Harlow

everything is connected / shutterstock

Over a year ago, the FTC held an Internet of Things workshop and it has finally issued a report summarizing comments and recommendations that came out of that conclave. The IoT report seeks to increase the public's confidence, but are doing it the FTC way: no actual rules, just guidance that can be used later by the FTC in enforcement cases.[read more]

A Framework for Embracing Cloud in Health and Healthcare

January 29, 2015 by Bill Crounse

the cloud

When considering a move to the cloud, health organizations wrestle with how to evaluate the security and privacy aspects of the cloud and how these relate to their hospital’s or clinic’s existing risk profiles. There are benefits and challenges in whether applications and infrastructure are hosted on premise, off-premise or a combination of the two.[read more]

Accountability for Risk Management and Cybersecurity in Healthcare Institutions

January 28, 2015 by Shahid Shah

cybersecurity / shutterstock

Information Security in general has historically been seen as something that the organization’s CISO (or equivalent) is responsible for. In reality, the Information Security department often doesn’t have the resources or the ability (regardless of resources) to be the owners or be ultimately “accountable” or “responsible” for information security.[read more]

Avoiding Meaningful Use Penalties

January 27, 2015 by Andy Salmen

If you are a Medicare eligible provider, you are undoubtedly aware of the requirements for attesting to meaningful use (MU) of electronic health records (EHR) in your medical practice or hospital. There are consequences for failing to attest to Stage 1, and problems facing those who are now entering Stage 2 of MU.[read more]

Rewards Help Majority of Consumers Overcome Health Data Concerns

January 21, 2015 by Michael Dermer

health data / shutterstock

For consumers, the new digital health lifestyle comes with one string attached: They may be required to share a lot more personal information so the issue of digital trust has come to the forefront. Personalized health data not only has value to consumers, but also to health plans, health systems, providers, employers, governments and retailers[read more]

What Is Protected Health Information?

January 14, 2015 by Morgan Brown

Protected Health Information / shutterstock

In this post we're going to look at what Protected Health Information (PHI) is, what it isn't, and how you can tell the difference. Hopefully you'll be able to use this as a reference when determining if the information you're collecting requires falls under the definition of PHI as outlined by HIPAA.[read more]

How a VNA Unifies Clinical Data Throughout an Enterprise

January 5, 2015 by Erica Carnevale


What was once a siloed process for storing and accessing images has now been broken down and unified with the help of a vendor-neutral format, meaning that all of the images, photos, and videos are stored and viewable via a centralized location.[read more]