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Medical Records

Interoperability of Electronic Health Data: Is It Time to Herd Unicorns in a New Direction?

September 12, 2014 by Bill Crounse

Time for EMR?

There has been the considerable uptick in the use of EMRs since 2009 due to the investment of federal dollars. I would have to say, however, that the health industry is far from achieving any significant degree of meaningful interoperability between or among hospital and physician record keeping systems.[read more]

Top 5 Strategic Planning Challenges for CIOs

September 9, 2014 by Abby Norman

CIO strategy

The Chief Information Officer in a healthcare system has perhaps one of the most complex and ever-evolving roles in the hospital C-Suite today. Since information technology has now permeated our entire culture – and particularly in medicine – executive level information management is hot field nowadays.[read more]

How to Evaluate Pathology Reporting Software

September 5, 2014 by Tim Edlund

Evaluating pathology reporting

Regardless of your reason for changing your Pathology reporting software, you want your next choice to work well for you. To help, we've compiled a list of features that you should be looking for that will serve you well for years to come.[read more]

Alleged Photo Leaks Prompt Question: Can Apple Keep Healthcare Data Secure?

September 4, 2014 by Deanna Pogorelc

Healthcare data in the cloud

If the alleged leak of risque celebrity photos from iCloud was going to happen, it couldn’t have happened at a much worse time. Apple is just a week away from unveiling its new iPhone and health wearable, according to reports. Now the question is: can Apple keep their health data secure?[read more]

The Second Wave of Healthcare Informatics

August 28, 2014 by Bill Crounse

the second wave of healthcare informatics

Electronic Medical Records and Hospital Information Systems in and of themselves add little value to the enterprise if we don’t surround them or embed them with technologies that help us make better decisions and facilitate the ways we communicate and collaborate as care teams and with our patients.[read more]

Massive Data Breach: Time for Sports Analogies?

August 26, 2014 by David Harlow

In reading an account of the recent attack on Community Health Systems that netted the bad guys 4.5 million patient records, I was struck by the notion put across in the article that all we have to do is work harder to patch vulnerabilities, that with a better defense we can win the game against a skilled quarterback.[read more]

5 Things CIOs Should Do in Light of the Recent Patient Records Theft

August 22, 2014 by Morgan Brown

patient security / shutterstock

Community Health Systems, which manages 206 hospitals in 29 states, reported this week that they were victims of Chinese hackers who infiltrated and stole more than 4.5 million patient records. The hackers made out with names, addresses and social security numbers for patients across the network during attacks in April and June.[read more]

Assuring Safe Patient Health Information (PHI) in Radiology

August 14, 2014 by Andy Salmen

According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, PHI is short for "protected health information." Keeping this information private and secure is essential in order to avoid negative repercussions for the patient and to avoid civil and criminal penalties that could be incurred if a practice fails to comply with HIPAA Rules.[read more]


Open-Source EHR: Benefits and Drawbacks

August 14, 2014 by Charles Settles

As is the case in any "boom" industry, EHR software has had some well-publicized issues, including low user satisfaction, claims of fraud due to copy-and-paste or "upcoding," and poor interoperability between EHR programs. Open-source EHR software, while not a cure-all, can help solve many of these problems.[read more]

ICD-10 Delay: What You Can Expect Over the Next Year

August 10, 2014 by Andy Salmen

ICD-10 delay (image: Stuart Miles/

The latest delay in ICD-10 implementation has caused both frustration and relief for people in the healthcare field. The primary purpose behind the several delays has been to give healthcare practices more opportunity to prepare for the transition. As a result, a great number of companies have gone far beyond mere readiness.[read more]

ACO Is Not One Size Fits All

August 6, 2014 by Abby Norman

A common misconception about ACO conversion is that there is a single method of planning and implementation that will work for all healthcare organizations. To dispel this belief is first and foremost in understanding the reality of ACO conversion for your organization.[read more]

Toughest Challenges with Implementing the Latest HIPAA Regulations

August 5, 2014 by Mike Solomonov

HIPAA / shutterstock

Some of the newest findings on HIPAA compliance represent the top challenges faced by companies and health care institutions dealing with the laws on sensitive patient data. Now provider administrators and others are looking at issues like HIPAA-compliant hosting for Web-delivered systems, compliance for cloud security and other HIPAA requirements.[read more]