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Social Media


Is Social Media Worth the Risk for Pharma?

March 2, 2015 by Paul Tunnah

It’s a question that comes up all the time in my discussions with senior industry executives – is social media actually worth the risk for a sector as heavily regulated as the pharmaceutical industry? It’s a great question and an extremely valid one. Every business decision has to consider risk versus benefit.[read more]

The Yoga Nurse: Annette Tersigni [PODCAST]

March 2, 2015 by Janet Kennedy

Annette Tersigni

What is Yoga Nursing? Yoga Nursing® is a new brand, trend and movement in health care, nursing and yoga created by Annette Tersigni, holistic RN, stress relief, back safety expert and medical yoga therapist. Here's my conversation with Annette.[read more]

How to Take Great Smartphone Photos for Social Media

March 1, 2015 by Michael Sherman

We don’t always have a digital camera on us to capture great photos or videos. Most of us, however, do have smartphones. Today, all smartphones make it very simple to take photos or video and easily post to your social media channels. Here are some tricks to make those photos and videos look great for a professional audience.[read more]


Beyond the Buzz: Let's Get Visual with Healthcare Social Media

February 27, 2015 by Marie Ennis-O'Connor

The continuing growth in highly visual platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, confirm that incorporating visual content into your healthcare social media strategy is a must. In today's article I will share with you 21 different ways you can capitalize on this trend for visual marketing.[read more]

How to Make Your Blogs Go Viral

February 26, 2015 by Michael Sherman

blog content

The Internet produces a ton of content. Whether it’s unique text, images or video, content is being passed around the web quicker than we can blink. But what makes some content go viral and other content fall to the wayside? Is there a special algorithm involved?[read more]

Is Your Online Community a Ghost Town?

February 25, 2015 by Colleen Young

ghost town / shutterstock

Nothing spells the demise of a community more clearly than unanswered posts and lack of activity. If you want to build a thriving community, focus on the people, help them connect and get them talking. To be successful, a community needs activity.[read more]

Is Social Media Part of Your Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies?

February 24, 2015 by Jonathan Catley

social media for clinical trials

With enrollment rates continuing to drop even as more clinical trials are being conducted, the imperative is clear: clinical trial coordinators must seek new approaches in order to reverse this trend and meet their enrollment goals. Here’s a closer look at social media's potential to change the landscape of clinical trial recruitment.[read more]

How Healthcare Marketers Can Maximize Twitter's New Features

February 17, 2015 by Michael Sherman

Twitter healthcare marketing

Twitter has been used in healthcare communications for everything from live tweeting brain surgery to getting alerts from health-related government agencies. Like other social media platforms, Twitter is evolving and becoming even more user friendly. Here are two new Twitter features that a healthcare facility can use to improve marketing efforts.[read more]

The Walking Gallery: Personalizing Patient Stories [Podcast]

February 9, 2015 by Janet Kennedy

Regina Holliday

Regina Holliday faced a medical crisis - her husband Frederick's cancer diagnosis - and found that the patient's experience, input or feedback had no place in the healthcare system. After the death of her husband, Regina resolved to speak out about patient advocacy the best way she knew how: with her art.[read more]

How Twitter Can Bolster Your Healthcare Search Marketing Game

February 9, 2015 by Jonathan Catley

Twitter healthcare search marketing

When you use Twitter in a smart and effective way, it can bolster all of your marketing efforts, including your efforts in search. Be looking for ways to improve your Twitter engagement and to draw visitors to your site; this holistic approach can, over time, mean higher engagement and more benefit from every marketing effort.[read more]


Beyond the Buzz: Key Trends in Healthcare Social Media

February 6, 2015 by Marie Ennis-O'Connor

To succeed with social media, healthcare marketers must understand existing and future trends. Several reports were released last month which analysed internet and social media data from 2014; these provide good insights on how to leverage social media to support your marketing.[read more]

Healthy Hospitality — Smarter, Safer Dining Options

February 6, 2015 by Michael Sherman

The Internet and social media keep us all on our toes, so the people handling our food should be no exception. Information is more accessible than ever – and using it to make healthy dining decisions is the tastiest kind of empowerment.[read more]