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Mobile Health Around the Globe


Mobile Health Around the Globe: Gene-RADAR Can Test for Viruses in Remote Locations

October 28, 2013 by Joan Justice

Nanobiosym is a company that uses physics and medicine to fight disease. Dr. Anita Goel, a physicist and a physician, brought her two areas of expertise together to develop Nanobiosym's first product, Gene-RADAR, a customizable virus-detection device that is portable and fast.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: BioBeats Marches to Your HeartBeat

October 21, 2013 by Joan Justice

Pulse uses the optical sensor in the iPhone camera to detect the changes in color in your finger as the blood flows through it. All you have to do is hold your finger over that sensor for a minute and the app determines the heart rate and makes music off that tempo.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: Smartphone Microscope for Nano Particle Detection

October 14, 2013 by Joan Justice

Scientists at UCLA and at the California NanoSystems Institute have developed a small portable microscope that attaches to the camera module of a smartphone and detects nano particles including bacteria and viruses. It could be used in remote locations to monitor how well treatments for infections are working.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: SMART Health India Uses mHealth to Fight Chronic Disease

October 7, 2013 by Joan Justice

SMART Health is a low-cost high-quality healthcare delivery system that uses smartphone-based technologies, providing the healthcare worker with personalized clinical decision support to guide the Systematic Medical Appraisal Referral and Treatment (SMART) of individual patients.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: Acquapura Tests Drinking Water Purity

September 30, 2013 by Joan Justice

Mobile Health Around the World

Acquapura, from POD Technologies based in Italy, wants to make sure that the water you drink is safe and free from mineral solids. There are actually many kinds of toxic dissolved solids that can poison us. Acquapura will test the water you drink and store it in your own personal database on your smartphone.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: EyeNetra Offers SmartPhone Eye Diagnostics

September 23, 2013 by Joan Justice

Netra (image above from WebMediaMIT) is the world's first smartphone eye diagnostic. With Netra, anyone, anywhere can conduct thier own eye test with accuracy and ease using a smartphone and the Netra clip-on device.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: MedTech for Kids From Teddy the Guardian

September 16, 2013 by Joan Justice

iDerma, based in Croatia, is a medtech start-up that has developed and launched medical sensor technology for children. The sensors are in a plush Teddy Bear that the child can cuddle and play with. Sensors are installed in the Teddy Bear that measure heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and temperature. The data can then be relayed to the parent's smartphone.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: Aman Telehealth Call Center Increases Access to Care in Pakistan

September 9, 2013 by Joan Justice

Aman Telehealth, a division of the Aman Foundation, is a free healthcare call center in Pakistan that offers diagnostic service and medical advice over the phone 24/7. The center is staffed by doctors and nurses and can handle about 1000 calls a day.[read more]


Mobile Health Around the Globe: Beddit Tells You How You Slept and How to Do It Better

August 26, 2013 by Joan Justice

Do you have trouble sleeping? Beddit will tell you why and give you information to improve your sleep and wellness. The Beddit Sleep Tracker is a new device that measures sleep patterns, keeps track of them and gives you actionable ideas on how to improve them for your comfort and health.[read more]

Mobile Health Around the Globe: Transformative Communications in Malawi

August 19, 2013 by Neelley Hicks

Over 80 pastors and lay leaders in Malawi Provisional Annual Conference attended a workshop aimed at providing quality education around accessible and affordable communication solutions. At the end of the conference, @Barefoot_Power solar chargers were distributed to pastors.[read more]

Mobile Health Around the Globe (Bonus Post!): Six mHealth Companies Bringing Health Technology to Developing Countries

August 19, 2013 by Deanna Pogorelc

Even in regions of the world that lack paved roads and easy transportation to a hospital, or even more basic things like electricity and clean water, the ubiquitous cellphone prevails. With an estimated three-quarters of the world having access to cellphones, mobile technology has become a way to bring healthcare to the people.[read more]

Mobile Health Around the Globe: Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE mHealth Finalists

August 12, 2013 by Deanna Pogorelc

Overshadowed by the $10 million Tricorder challenge is another challenge unearthing amazing sensor innovations: Nokia and XPRIZE’s $2.25 million Sensing XCHALLENGES, which encourage teams to build sensing technology to be used for identifying or diagnosing disease.[read more]